About us

GLOBUS REAL ESTATE COMPANY is a young and fast growing company established for complex and high-quality customer service in real estate. The company has offices in Sofia, Sunny Beach and Smolyan, with offices in Moscow and Riga. The company has developed a unique internal structure and has a well-developed marketing communication. On this basis GLOBUS REAL ESTATE COMPANY, briefly is creating a circle of loyal customers and partners that contribute to the sustainable development of the company. We have a highly qualified team of consultants, experts and lawyers who combine their knowledge, skills and creativity to a global idea - to achieve high standards in dealing with customers and partners.

Our specialists are ready anytime to competently advise you on matters related to mediation in real estate. A team of qualified lawyers to help correct implementation of transactions, ensure that such transaction.

The main activities of GLOBUS REAL ESTATE COMPANY have the following focus:


  • Counseling and mediation for sale - real estate sales.
  • Counseling and mediation in renting and leasing of real estate.
  • Consulting and brokering, New development .
  • Consultation and mediation with banks.
  • Analysis of the real estate market
  • Legal advice
  • Counseling and mediation on investment projects
  • Real Estate Management
  • Organize your stay in Bulgaria for foreign clients in connection with the transactions of property
  • Counseling and mediation for design and furnishing of the purchased property

Other areas of activity include:

  • Marketing Research
  • Licensed market valuations of real estate and farmland
  • Comprehensive research and design at home and abroad
  • Construction and furnishing of residential, public and industrial buildings as well as refurbishment and upgrading of existing ones.


The company has a wide range of clients with diverse interests in real estate: customer decided to buy their first home, to large investment companies.

GLOBUS REAL ESTATE COMPANY has a dynamic and flexible team of specialists covering all the activities offered. Top important prerequisite for success is maintaining  constant  highest standards. The qualities that distinguish us from the rest - uncompromising
professionalism with which we approach each client, each case!

Our partners are:


  • Builders and investors with experience and brand of professionalism and integrity
  • Prime banks and insurance companies
  • Auditing and consulting companies
  • Respected lawyers
  • Satisfied customers who require our brand

We are created to ensure your successful business in Bulgaria and around the world, regardless of borders, languages ​​and customs! The service of this presentation shows our desire for future cooperation!